Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They're trying to break me...

Setting: 5 brutally hot days, no A/C. Sweating teachers, whining kids, brought in giant fan from home for slight relief.

Apologetic email from office staff about how our system is totally messed up. They're working on it.

Fast forward to this week.

Setting: unseasonably cold Monday and Tuesday. A/C is pumping. Shivering teachers, whining kids, decided it's better to be cold than hot.

Visit from maintenance staff who also said the system is a mess but now it's working. "Thank you sir! I do appreciate that our A/C is pumping out on this 59 degree day... hahaha... no really, thanks for fixing it."

Fast forward to today, you know, the day after yesterday's visit.

Setting: Hot day, no A/C.

(Insert my special bug-eyed-hands-up-and-shaking pose* here.)

*I reserve this pose when I'm talking about something that is MAKING ME CRAZY.

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