Friday, June 18, 2010

More wah-der, the good kind

It was just announced that our current A.P., who I adore, will be our new principal. The room burst into cheer before the announcement could even be completed. Ecstatic. Hooray. And yes, the tears flowed. I've been so emotional today, a colleague asked if I was pregnant again. Ha, NO I AM NOT, but geez, it would be nice to stop crying!


If my 18 month old were here today, he would be following me around repeating, "wah-der, wah-der, wah-der..." Wah-der is for anything in liquid form (tears for example), and is repeated over and over and over when spotted.

I said goodbye to my kids a few minutes ago and wow, I was not expecting the tears. Not just tears, actual voice cracking crying. Talk about water works. I held it together for the first couple of hugs... I'm not a hugger, so these hugs were already pretty powerful already, but my kids took it to another level. They held those hugs so hard and long, they told me they would miss me so much, they cried, yet I still held it together. And then I got to my friend who I have taught for two years.

This friend is the sweetest boy I have ever met. This friend has very little at home. Very little time with a parent, very little money, very little nutrition, very little structure. He sleeps on the living room couch. Bed time is when the family decides to retire for the night. He has a tough life yet still understand what it means to be a good friend, what it means to be respectful, what it means to be responsible. School has always been hard for him. While struggling through a book, he would stop, look at me, and say, "this is just so hard for me..." Broke my heart. But, he persevered and worked so hard and at the end of his second year in kindergarten, he was ready for first grade.

He was fourth in line for a hug. He leaned into me and hugged me so hard, I barely got my words out. The words, "have a great summer, I will miss you very much" just aren't enough for this boy. I will miss him. I will worry about him. I will constantly wonder if he's okay.

After that, I was done. Tears everywhere. At dismissal, parents snapped pictures of me and their kids - tears streaming down my cheeks. What a mess!

Then, because our school is the most amazing school in the world, all the teachers hiked up the hill to the entrance and waved good bye to every student who left. Teachers were cheering and clapping and wishing luck to the kids. Some of them, well fine... I was one of them, also reminded them to put on their seatbelts. Come on, you can't just let that go! Cars drove past and kids got individual shout-outs and cheers, and then the busses passed.

You have to experience it to understand, but when a bus full of your students drives by and you're waving and cheering, and they're waving and cheering -- well, wow, it's powerful. I looked around and saw many teachers' eyes fill up.

Then they were gone. We all walked back into the building and headed back to pack. My room is almost packed up and looks nothing like the place I have spent the past 180+ days. Next year I will have a new group and we'll start again, but right now I think I will just be happy being proud of my students, and of course, missing them too. Damn it, here come the tears again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Dance

Roses are red,
Picnics are fun,
Guess what world,
My paperwork is DONE!

Long time... no post

I'm not sure why it's been so long since my last post. I guess my post-it to-do lists and my ever jumbled mental to-do list never allowed me room to settle down and reflect. Or, put simply, it's the end of the school year and it's been BSC.

We still don't know who our new principal will be for the next school year and the waiting is getting excruciating. I await in anticipation to be told that our fabulous A.P. was chosen (HIP HIP HOORAY) while at the same time await with dread to be told Mr./Mrs. Outsider was chosen (BOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Fair aren't I? I promise to be professional and supportive to our new boss, but since I don't know who that is, I've decided I can act like a 5 year old until the announcement.

My kids are doing great, rock-stars actually while we wind down the year. I've been out of the room a ridiculous number of days and I keep returning to fabulous notes from the substitutes. No joke, some tears will be shed when I say good-bye to this group. They're just a fantastic bunch of kids.

My mind is on the piles of paperwork I will finish today (another day out of the room) and on my impending vacation. Since we've lost our beloved modified calendar, I have 2 1/2 months in front of me... that's a whole lot of down time for someone who sucks at down time. So, of course, I am making a list. I am making a list of how to relax. Silly, no?
  1. Yoga! I've been taking a weekly yoga class here at school and am now excited to take it twice a week at my fabo-gym. I think a yoga class in an actual studio is going to be incredible. By the way, if you haven't discovered yoga yet, what are you waiting for?!!
  2. Actually visit my fabo-gym.
  3. Clean the house as it gets dirty, not waiting for the Dirtcalypse to hit.
  4. Do laundry as it gets dirty, not waiting for the entire family to be our of undies.
  5. Make lovely meals for lunch and dinner.
  6. Have lunch dates on my patio.
  7. Teach my kiddo to blow bubbles in the water. (Right now, he drinks it).
  8. Read 2 books a week.
  9. Rearrange the kitchen cabinets.
  10. Go into the city to have lunch dates with the hubby.
  11. Plan play dates with other teacher friends.
  12. Keep my gardens up and running... no more drive-by weeding and watering.
  13. There must be more?? No way will this list last me until Labor Day.

Okay, enough with planning my relaxation, must tackle paperwork first. Onward!