Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long time... no post

I'm not sure why it's been so long since my last post. I guess my post-it to-do lists and my ever jumbled mental to-do list never allowed me room to settle down and reflect. Or, put simply, it's the end of the school year and it's been BSC.

We still don't know who our new principal will be for the next school year and the waiting is getting excruciating. I await in anticipation to be told that our fabulous A.P. was chosen (HIP HIP HOORAY) while at the same time await with dread to be told Mr./Mrs. Outsider was chosen (BOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Fair aren't I? I promise to be professional and supportive to our new boss, but since I don't know who that is, I've decided I can act like a 5 year old until the announcement.

My kids are doing great, rock-stars actually while we wind down the year. I've been out of the room a ridiculous number of days and I keep returning to fabulous notes from the substitutes. No joke, some tears will be shed when I say good-bye to this group. They're just a fantastic bunch of kids.

My mind is on the piles of paperwork I will finish today (another day out of the room) and on my impending vacation. Since we've lost our beloved modified calendar, I have 2 1/2 months in front of me... that's a whole lot of down time for someone who sucks at down time. So, of course, I am making a list. I am making a list of how to relax. Silly, no?
  1. Yoga! I've been taking a weekly yoga class here at school and am now excited to take it twice a week at my fabo-gym. I think a yoga class in an actual studio is going to be incredible. By the way, if you haven't discovered yoga yet, what are you waiting for?!!
  2. Actually visit my fabo-gym.
  3. Clean the house as it gets dirty, not waiting for the Dirtcalypse to hit.
  4. Do laundry as it gets dirty, not waiting for the entire family to be our of undies.
  5. Make lovely meals for lunch and dinner.
  6. Have lunch dates on my patio.
  7. Teach my kiddo to blow bubbles in the water. (Right now, he drinks it).
  8. Read 2 books a week.
  9. Rearrange the kitchen cabinets.
  10. Go into the city to have lunch dates with the hubby.
  11. Plan play dates with other teacher friends.
  12. Keep my gardens up and running... no more drive-by weeding and watering.
  13. There must be more?? No way will this list last me until Labor Day.

Okay, enough with planning my relaxation, must tackle paperwork first. Onward!

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Lauren said...

since reading blogs is my hobby/one of my hobbies (for real). i found this blog via your other blog/max's blog. tell him to pretend he is blowing a birthday candle out, then he will blow lotttttsss of bubbles. (this may require a "magical" finger candle which can only be blown out under water.)