Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here we go...

Tomorrow is the first official day back for teacher week. Kids come next Tuesday. Because this long break was killing me, I've already been in a few days to get my room in order and I'm happy to report that it's 80 percent there. All that's left are little organizational projects that I will happily tackle next week.

What weighs the most on my mind is getting myself back to first day of kindergarten mode. I must not think of the lovies I said goodbye to in June, but the lovies that I said hello to last August. Over a year ago. I keep reminding myself that to be successful, we must... go... slow. Really slow. Baby steps. This is how we go to the SmartBoard one at a time, this is how we come to the carpet, one at a time. This is how we line up, one at a time, and yes, this is how we walk in the hall. Super slow, super quiet... super s-l-o-w. Guess who hates going slow? This one. Yep, awesome.

This is a tough time of the year for me because I know these kids' potential, but I also know that it can't be rushed and if I want my room to run smoothly, we must start very slow, very methodically and very purposeful. Three things that I am terrible at.

So don't laugh when you walk by my room and it's taking 30 minutes for us to unpack our backpacks. It's all part of my master plan. In few weeks, we'll have it down to 15 minutes and in a few months, 10. But now, yeah, it will take a 1/2 hour of instruction time to unpack bags. That's the way it goes in kindergarten :)

Here we go!