Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ah... there it is.

I found the love, finally.

Some gems from Writing Workshop today:
  • One of my fabulous co-teachers told a rather hysterical story about watching her grandmother lose her undies while walking into church. True story. She was walking up the steps, the undies dropped down to her ankles, and she, like a true lady, stepped out of them gracefully and kept walking. My kids were in STITCHES. Possibly because my other fabulous co-teacher and I were laughing out loud. (Kindergarten laughter rarely begins with the punch line, it comes after one kid laughs and everyone copies.) While we were asking if anyone had questions about the story, one little one raised her hand and when she was called on she just sat there. I thought this might be a false alarm but then after 25 seconds or so, she asks, "Was your grandma skinny?" HA! Smarty pants.
  • During independent writing, a student was drawing a picture. It had a round head, a long neck and a round body. Picture that in your head... I stared and while giggling in my head asked him what he was working on. As he added legs he replied, "An ostrich." I know, my mind is always in the gutter.
  • I approached one of my rather sassy smart girls to conference with her about her story. When I asked her to tell me about it she looked obviously put out. Then she said, "can you come back later?" Oh dear, love you.

More to come this year... I have a great group.

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