Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brain Dump

The first couple of days of school feels like my entire first year. How I survived that, I do not know. I am so happy that this feeling, this go-go-go-breath-what?-who?-you what?-go-go-no!-um, NO-wow-go-go-go feeling only lasts a few days.

I use my bathrooms visits as a measure of how bananas my day was. Yesterday, the first day, I didn't sit on the pot until 5:00 p.m. I did leave school at 4:00 p.m., but now I am spending my afternoons with my go-go-go-go toddler son. So, yeah, 5:00 p.m. Don't try this at home. It's not good for you. Today? A visit to the teachers bathroom at 12:30 p.m. WOOT! A better day. Tomorrow I just might manage a quick stop during my class's snack time at 10:30 a.m.

I have 20 little friends in my room. Two from last year, 17 new ones, and 1 friend that is still MIA. I would love to have only 19, but my OCD-self kind of wants her to show up since her name is on everything. Come on girlie, make us a complete set!

Like most teacher bloggers, we are all going through the same stuff... for example, kiddos who just don't know how to sit. You'd think I was teaching a puppy obedience class. "Sit down please. No, don't get up. Please sit down. HEY. YOU. SIT DOWN. PLEASE." Maybe I'll just list a few of the things my colleagues have heard me say over and over and over:
  1. Find the line please.
  2. Raise your hand.
  3. Eyes forward.
  4. Hands in a ducktail!
  5. Criss-cross please. Eh hem, CRISS CROSS!
  6. Eyes up here please.
  7. Raise your hand.
  8. When I say your name, I'd like you to look at me the first time I say it.
  9. Quiet hands please.
  10. Is your name _______? Because that's who raised their hand quietly and that's who was called on, and that's who should be talking.
  11. Raise your hand.
  12. Pee in the pot please and thank you.
  13. Oh I don't think so.
  14. It's not time to go home yet, let's look at the schedule.
  15. It's not time to go to sleep yet, let's look at the schedule.
  16. It's not time for lunch yet, let's look at the schedule.
  17. It's not time for recess yet, let's look at the schedule.
  18. Raise your hand.
Whew. I'm exhausted just listing those.

Now, don't misread me... I think I have a great group. But even with a great group, that first week is TOUGH. I don't know these kids yet so I don't have a relationship with them yet, so caring deeply for them isn't there yet. It will be, that's not a question. I've been told I have the cutest class, and well, I think that is a correct assessment. They're damn cute. But right now they're cute but annoying. Soon they will be cute and awesome.

I am also lucky-ducky to work with three fabulous colleagues. One is our amazing special education teacher who spends an hour or so with me each day, another is our wonderful literacy coach who is co-teaching reading and writing workshop, and the third is my I.A. who has been with me since the beginning. WOOT. I have a good group of kids, a fabulous Instructional Assistant who I can't live without, plus two other amazing teachers in my room. A girl can't ask for anything more.

So let's leave it there... happy and positive (that's my mantra for this year too).

Oh, one other thing. I do have one special friend who has made all the adults who encounter her bug their eyes out and look at me with a "really? she did/said that?" look, but I'll give her a few weeks before she gets her own posts on here! It's too soon, and frankly as I mentioned above, because I don't know her very well she's just annoying. It's more fun to write about her when she's endearingly annoying.

Positive right?!


Cynthia said...

It doesn't matter what grade level you teach, you say the same things during week 1.

organized chaos said...

About 30 minutes into my grad class tonight I realized I hadn't gone since I left my house this morning. There are 7 people in the class and the professor was going so fast I didn't want to miss anything. I didn't go to the bathroom until 8:15. That puts me right around the 13 1/2 hour mark. I am so going to have a kidney infection this year...

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! You write some of the things I think!

Thought you might get a kick out of some things I said at school today - almost 4 weeks in to our school year that I guess I should have said the first week.

1) No two boys can't share a urinal - yes that is what happens when you do.

2) 3 girls can't share a bathroom stall - one customer per stall.

3) Please don't growl at your teacher. There are other ways to tell me that you don't like what we are doing....