Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is it just me?

I've spent the past week reading blog posts about the first week, the new group, and new ideas, and ugh, I just can't get there.

I think I can't get there because my new group is so new I have little to say. I don't get them yet. They're simply a group of antsy kids.

Are the couple of kiddos who have been rather... annoying, shall we say, simply annoying because I don't know them? Their inability to sit still for more than five seconds isn't just a side note to their personality, it's their whole personality at this point, it's all I've got. And those kids that seem perfect... well come on, I know they're not, but I have nothing else to work off of. I need a few more weeks to figure out these little beings before I can reflect on them.

It's clear my fellow bloggers are making me feel inadequate. How silly, but how typical. I'll keep reading about everyone else's great days, not great days and inspiring ideas. Hopefully I'll find my own in the near future.

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Miss Tyler-Smith said...

Where are all these fellow bloggers and their blogs you write about?
Add a blog roll to your blog please.

Miss Tyler-Smith from South Africa