Monday, October 4, 2010

Line Cutters Unite

You might be shocked by this, but I have been supporting line cutting. Not cutting the whole class however, just one special friend. This is the second year with this friend and she has very serious needs. But in the process of working with her very serious needs, she also has developed a stubborn streak and will start a power struggle over things I know, and she knows, she can do. Using the bathroom for example. She doesn't like to use it unless she wants to use it. Well sweet pea, in my room, you use it when we have bathroom breaks. So use it. Now.

She has taken to walking very slowly in line. Giant holes in the line drive me nuts and I have spent more than a year telling her in English and in Spanish to hurry up, let's go, walk faster, come on Friend... I thought she might not understand the basics of line walking. But then I told the kid behind her to walk around her. WHOA. She totally gets line walking and she got pissed. And she walked faster. Success! So now my kids know that if she is walking too slow, they should pass her.

Hopefully this is a quick fix. My only concern is that it will turn into a game. When it does, I will think of something else.

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Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I, too, am a line cutter supporter in certain circumstances. I teach in an ED self-contained setting and have found for those students who thrive on power struggles, this works well. Simply telling friends to move around this person instantly speeds them up and avoids a power struggle with an adult. I can then have a private conversation about the behavior that led to the stubborn outburst. Before, it would lead to a power struggle in the hallway, which was less than ideal for managing the behavior.

I support you! :)