Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkins for all Learners

Today was a great day for many reasons, one of them being an on-the-fly-pulled-from-my-behind lesson on the life cycle of the pumpkin. My plans said, "introduce the life cycle of the pumpkin." Um, thanks former self from last week. Great job with the details.

The only lesson we had done before today was to make a list of what we know about pumpkins and what we want to know.

So I grabbed a short non-fiction book with photographs and easy descriptions. The kids enjoyed the real pictures and the simple text of how a pumpkin grows.

Then we put the book down and retold it by drawing pictures on the easel.

Then we snuggled down into the carpet and acted out the life cycle of the pumpkin.

Then we switched on the Smart Board and sequenced the pictures in the appropriate order.

This all took about 20 minutes and it hit my spatial (drawing the pictures), kinesthetic (acting it out), linguistic (reading the book) and logical learners (organizing the sequence).

Through the lesson, we answered many of the questions we asked the previous day, such as "do pumpkins grow on trees?" and "do seeds need water to grow?" I know am patting myself on the back, I fully admit it, but I really thought it rocked.

I am congratulating myself with a burger and wine. Cheers!


Snippety Gibbet said...

It sounds like a perfect lesson...even if it came out of your behind. Great teachers have great intuition.


kiri8 said...

You DO rock. Nicely done. I am going to steal your acting-it-out idea; we read a book about the pumpkin life cycle today and now we can read it again and then act it out. Emote, my little pumpkins!!