Monday, November 1, 2010

Please, just show up.

It's half-way through the first of our two parent conference days and I'm already irritated. Not surprisingly, I have found myself here before. Although when I reread my post from 2008, I seem to blame my self-diagnosed OCD on my pissy-ness, today I putting it squarely on the shoulders of my parents who pulled NO SHOWS for our conference.

Out of nine conferences so far, four have pulled no shows. It's not that I received a message to say they couldn't come. It's not that I arbitrarily picked a time and expected them to make it. NO. I worked my behind off to communicate with them personally about when they are available, confirm a time that worked for THEM, and then also sent home a paper reminder in their home language (I have Spanish and English speaking parents.) Their conference times come and go while I sit at my desk not wanting to delve into a project because they might, they might, show up. WHO DOES THIS?! This isn't just my Spanish speaking parents either, the current culprit is a mom that I know because I had her older child two years ago. YOU KNOW ME! Why would you blow me off?!


A colleague gently reminded me, amidst my ranting, that the real shock is that THIS IS YOUR CHILD. Can you show up? Please? Not for me, although I would like that too, but for them. Show up for them.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Our conferences are Wednesday. They usually go just like you described.

We don't schedule appointments. Parents can just show up whenever they want from 12-3, then 4-6. I usually sit there for the first 3 hours by myself. I'll get maybe 2 or 3 parents that show up. From 3-4 we get our lunch break. Guess what happens at about 2:45? Uh, huh...I mini-rush. I have no problem closing my door and walking out, telling them "Sorry, this is our lunch hour!" Then, when we come back, more of the same. I generally get about 60% of my parents who show up at about 5:45. It's crazy!