Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Meeting

Our school is a Responsive Classroom school, and while I love the entire philosophy, I haven't been able to implement the entire thing. I have, however, worked my morning meeting around much of its philosophy.

After my class has answered the morning question and checked in, I call them to morning circle. We begin the meeting with a song, chant or dance welcoming us to school. Then we go around the circle, practicing making eye contact, saying good morning to the friend sitting next to us. Then I open it up for share. Some mornings, like right after winter break, everyone wanted to share, but most mornings it's about 3 or 4 kiddos and 90% of the time I tell them that their share is a great idea for Writing Workshop.

After share the students move from a circle to their carpet spots and I fire up the SmartBoard. Much of my morning meeting and calendar math is done on the SmartBoard for three reasons: 1) I do not have the wall space to support all the calendar math requirements; 2) the SmartBoard allows me to be creative with the content and create some really fun interactive activities; and 3) the SmartBoard allows me to add other content in that I want my class to focus on.

Depending on the time of the year and the needs of my class, my morning message might have all the words to be read together, or some high frequency words missing, the day of the week missing, or just the first letter of the word. The text stays pretty much the same for a month, and then I might change around some words to support new HFW or simply to change it because reading the same message day in and out can be boring. The kids are in charge of filling in the missing pieces and then we do a shared reading of the message when it's complete.

After the message comes calendar math! I have a slide for the weather report where I also pull up so the kids can see what a forecast looks like, I have a slide for our Daily Depositor (a concept that I think is developmentally inappropriate, but I can talk about that later), and then depending on our curriculum, slides that support those current concepts. I love using calendar math to introduce a new concept or practice an old one.

After we finish with the SmartBoard, we move onto our 100's Chart, our traditional calendar (date, day, yesterday/tomorrow/today), and then we read the day's schedule.

It's all wrapped up with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next up... Reading Workshop.

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Teri said...

Me again! Just curious as to why you believe daily depositor is not developmentally appropriate? We use it for our Everyday Counts Calendar Math also. I was just wondering what your thoughts about this were?