Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Organization Bliss

I am very excited about this.

You have read over and over again about how my fabulous co-teachers and I use Google Docs during Writing Workshop. Well, here's the next phase.

We were able to go through our anecdotal notes on every student and make groups based on their needs. This isn't revolutionary, but what's great about it is that we as teachers now have a crystal clear picture of what each child needs in writing. If you teach writing to kinders, you know this can be difficult. Turns out we have about three kids in each group that need to focus on one aspect of writing.

The brilliance? My co-teacher suggested we make a chart and then use post-its so we can move the kids around where needed. No need to flip through notes or scroll through tabs, we just glance on the wall. Management nirvana!

So now after the focus lesson, each teacher looks at the chart and decides what group to work with.

Is this rocket science or mind-blowing? No. But it is awesome.


ChiTown Girl said...

Ok, how sad is it that all I can focus on in this post is the fact that there are only 19 names on your chart? NINETEEN!?! AND, you have a co-teacher!? I can't help but throw myself a pity party remembering my 38 kdg. last year, with NO co-teacher and NO assistant. I'm a little jealous right now.

splatypus said...

ChiTown Girl... there are some advantages to working in a Title I school. Low numbers. 38 kids in one room, by yourself? Well that can't be legal.