Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Government Shut-Down

As if teachers haven't had a hard enough time lately with being told we're lazy, we don't care about kids, we're greedy and we brainwash our children... now, if the House can't get its act together and the government shuts down, our field trip to the National Zoo is kaput.

Now, the ex-Hill staffer side of me isn't too worried because MOCs tend to have more hot air than actual action, so if a shut-down does happen, I don't see it lasting more than a few days. This is tax season after all. But, the teacher side of me doesn't like the wait-and-see prospect of this situation.

So, hey, Members of Congress? Doubtful you are listening to anyone but your left-wing or right-wing base at the moment, but there are 160 under-privileged kids who are so excited to take their first trip to the Zoo. Please don't screw it up.

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Mamie said...

My first grade team spent the better part of last Friday afternoon coming up with alternative activities for this week and trying to figure out HOW IN THE HECK we were going to explain to 124 excited children exactly WHY we weren't going on our highly-anticipated field trip to Zion National Park. SO RELIEVED that it didn't come to that!!!