Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love Affair Over

**update** I checked the blog again and there might be a fix, but I need the help of our administrator. stay tuned.

Google Docs has become useless to me because for some reason, I can't access them during most of the day. I receive "trying to reach" message instead. I can't edit them while I get this message. Went to Google's blog to ask for help weeks ago and haven't received any information.

So now I log on during weird times in hopes that I can work off my Google Docs. I'm rarely successful.

All other things network related work fine, no problems. It's just Google Docs. Anyone else experience this message? Any fixes?

Useless. Useless and sad.

Now I have to think of another way to organize my files on my computer. Oh and that netbook I bought so I could access my Google Docs without unhooking my laptop from their various cords? Right now, it's a really expensive email checker.


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Angela said...

Yes! It happens at one school I work at, where a proxy is required. Wondering if that's the problem??