Monday, April 4, 2011

Take-Home Book Program

Ever since I raised the issue of what school to send my own child to, the conversation has broadened and has given me more and more to think about.

First, I discovered that because I don't live within the boundaries of our school district, it will cost us $10,000 per year to send my child to our school. I did not expect that figure to be so high.

Second, I've been learning more and more that what I consider normal, routine, and expected in a kindergarten classroom, isn't necessarily so. For instance, we have a very strong take-home book program. Simply put, all of our students are given real books in guided reading groups that they take home. At home they practice the reading strategies they learned with an adult. I've seen other kinders from other schools bringing home one photocopied "book" per week. It resembles a coloring packet more than a book. What does your school have?


Stacey Kaiser said...

My school has the guided reading books that are leveled but strongly encouraged to stay at school. They are not even allowed to take home their library books! But I can send home books that I buy with my personal money and I can send home paper books from reading a-z.

Anonymous said...

We send real guided reading books home with our kiddos. They are really good about bring them back. My kids love the real books and treat them better than any paper ones.