Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ants Freestyle

I'm trying something new this year with ants. Normally I would set up the ant farm and then lead lessons on the parts, the life cycle, the tunnels, etc.

I'm not really feeling that this year.

So, instead, I set up the ant farm and gave the class instructions on when they could come observe. It took a few days of reminders, but they have it down now. Throughout the day, kids are at the farm staring at the ants and making comments like, "oh I can see 6 legs!" or, "they are the same color as a penny!" or, "look, that one died!"

We also learned our Ant Parts song, and I will likely do a lesson on the life cycle, but nothing too serious. I'm more interested in them watching the ants, that's the fun stuff.
(Don't worry. That giant ant to the left is plastic. The kids also play with models of the lifecycle while they observe.)

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