Thursday, May 5, 2011


Things are getting pretty bad in here.

Here are some of the things students are not doing:
  1. listening
  2. following directions
  3. acting like human 6 year olds
Because it's better to be positive, I suppose I can list the things they ARE doing:
  1. arguing with each other
  2. arguing WITH ME
  3. pushing
  4. shoving
  5. stealing
  6. lying
I always accept some responsibility for my classroom's behavior, and I'm happy to do it this time as well. However, if an informal observation of every single teacher's face in this school was done, it will be clear that it's not just me.

When I picked up my class from P.E. today they were standing in a very quiet line. "Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?" I asked.

Turns out, a bad thing. The ENTIRE CLASS had to sit out of P.E. class for not following directions and talking incessantly while the teacher was talking. Normally we have one or two kids sitting out because when you have 2 classes of kinders in a room it can get a bit hairy. But on Thursdays, it's just my kids and the P.E. teacher. The giant gym, 18 kids, and a teacher. No class is ever that lucky. And my class blew it.

As I type this (i.e. vent my extreme level of frustration so I don't do or say anything that could get me fired) my class is sitting in the dark with their heads down.

Someone is sniffling and I don't care.

Like I said, it's getting pretty bad in here.


Lori said...

Thanks for the good laugh! I had to read your blog out loud to my sister, who is also a kindergarten teacher, like me. You certainly hit the nail on the head! This week is teacher appreciation week and yesterday I told my class I didn't feel appreciated. That helped...for about 1/2 hour! LOL!

Mrs. Argueta said...

I hate to laugh at you in your time of trial, but I find the similarities hilarious! I could swear I wrote this post if I didn't know better. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

ditto, Spring is in the air. My munchkins spent 20 minutes with their heads down today, and won't be quiet for ANYTHING. After PE today, I had them run to the far end of the school yard, around 5 trees and back. It got to 92 degrees today. They didn't like it. I suggested we might do it more frequently if they can't quiet down.