Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank Yous Don't Cost Money

Everything in my mind and body is telling me that it's time to get positive and refocus on what I love about my job, but it being Teacher Appreciation Week, I'm having a tough time not feeling just a little bit bitter.

Our administration has fallen over themselves showing us love this week with treats, gifts, lunch and breakfast. And frankly, they have to because there is a huge, obvious, awkward void in the actual classroom.

Our school send out calls to parents reminding them that it's teacher appreciation week. MORE THAN ONCE. They encourage families to have their students write their teachers notes about why they appreciate them.

Newsletters and fliers with similar information.

The administration is practically begging our families to show a shred of appreciation for the teachers.

I got a box of chocolates.

The chocolate giver is a super sweet kiddo and even if he just gave me the card that said "thank you" from his mom, I would have been happy.

One kid.

As teachers we don't ask for much from parents. Please just keep your kid fed and somewhat clean, return permission slips when we ask, and show up once a year for a conference.

But when you're actively being encouraged to show a little love, and you simply ignore it?

I'm not going to say it doesn't sting a little bit.

Especially, (and warning, here comes the bitter) when I have friends in wealthier schools who clean up in Starbucks gift cards this week.

All I want is a simple thank you. Thank yous don't cost money.

***Update*** Apparently the most recent call-out to parents sparked something. I received a few very thoughtful gifts this morning, and more importantly a note from a student saying thank you. A small portion of my class, but more than just the one I previously complained about. Now, who wants a box of Ferrero Rochers? How about a frozen Sara Lee Cheesecake? A dozen mini cupcakes with bright pink frosting? I'm happy to share.

OH, I almost forgot to mention my favorite... a small plastic trophy for my desk that says WINNER. Ha! I'm the Michael Scott of kindergarten.


Babylicious said...

I feel this way at every holiday, appreciation week put it into words precisely. Thank yous are such a simple thing to give to the person who goes home and worries about your child and figures out more ways to show them love and learning.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I have 400 plus students and got one card of thanks with cookie pops. I gave away the cookie pops (though I desparately wanted to eat them), but the note was perfect.

artteacher said...

Considering how many hours we spend with their precious child, you would think we would be more appreciated.