Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Little Things

Last year I was a mess on the last day of school. This year, not so much. My class is a good bunch of kids with two or three tough cookies that challenged me, but nothing that was out of my ordinary. I did have some challenging parents, parents who seemed to advocate not for their child, but for their own laziness, and that was certainly challenging, but again, nothing too far out of my ordinary.

As I told a colleague last week, this group of kids and I have grown apart and it's time to move on, so when other colleagues have been sad and wistful about the last day, I've been indifferent. I'm not cheering the kids out the door, but I'm not sad to see them go.

It wasn't until our last recess on the playground today that I felt much of anything. Looking over at the swings, I saw six of my girls pumping away, feet to the sky, giant smiles on their faces. Not many of my kids could swing at the beginning of the year. Now they can. That made me happy.

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Amy said...

Just went back and read your post from last year's last day of school. Made me cry just reading it! Oy!