Thursday, June 9, 2011


I don't know about the end of the year at other schools, but at our school, with constant growing numbers and lack of space, the big questions are always looming. Are we moving rooms? Is anyone changing grade levels? Who is leaving? The administration, and I have learned it's the same no matter who is in the role, is left responsible for these questions. Frustration grows, rumors swirl, doors close. No one has definitive answers. It becomes tense. Everyone thinks they have an answer or solution, so why the heck can't we just decide and move on?

Well, turns out, on top of all the end-of-the-year junk that our administration has to deal with, other issues pop up that require immediate attention.

Like, let's just say as an example, a parent is complaining because they've spotted a bus driver making out with their sweetheart on the actual bus - on numerous occasions.


Have fun with that one boss!

It's good to have some perspective, especially when the stress level is rising.

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Kim said...

haha That just made my morning. I was not expecting that story to be what it was I guess. I was just reading along and then BAM! But yes, that is certainly some good perspective. I get that occasionally, though usually in the forms of not having as much paperwork as the next-higher-ups.