Thursday, October 6, 2011

I miss it.

I'm a full month into being a resource teacher and have now developed a strong opinion of the position. It's not for me. I really miss my classroom. I miss having my own community, I miss having a strong relationship with 20 kids, versus having a weak relationship with 80+. I miss the rhythm and routine of a classroom. I miss having the control to change plans on a moment's notice based on the needs of the kids, or my needs.

I'm still enjoying being in my colleague's classrooms - it's giving me fabulous ideas for next year. But, BUT, I just miss having my own room and my own kids. I miss having Choice Time and Recess. I miss being in control of my lesson plans and routines. Right now I am co-teaching Writing Workshop three times a day. Writing is definitely not my favorite thing to teach in kindergarten, and now I do it three times a day!


I am still grateful and know I am lucky to be in the position I'm in. It's just been a good experience to show me what wouldn't work for me in the future.

Off to Writing Workshop!

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