Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patterns of Thinking by Jack Black

Well, not really by Jack Black, but in my mind it was! I attended a workshop today focused on patterns of thinking. Our presenter, Derek Cabrera, of ThinkWorks (based in my hometown!!)bore an incredible resemblance to Jack Black, both physically and with his gestures. While Mr. Cabrera was really interesting and engaging on his own, thinking that at any moment I might see a School of Rock-type episode kept me rapt with attention! Seriously.

We learned about patterns of thinking.

Unlike my colleague Organized Chaos who will undoubtedly provide us with a very in depth and interesting reflection (she always says it best), I really only have a few things to say:
  1. What an eye opening idea, yet one that seems so "duh."
  2. This workshop was one of the very few where I felt like I was respected as a teacher as opposed to being told that what I am doing is ineffective and here is a brand new way to do things! And it requires a lot more time!
  3. I am going to love this approach.
  4. My kids are going to love this approach.
  5. The Think Blocks are interesting, but I'm not sure I want/need them right away. I'm much more wedded to the questioning.

Stay tuned to see if a) I actually begin to implement this* and b) what the results seem to be.

*I'm really on board so this is very likely to occur!


Jenny said...

He is just like Jack Black! I'm so glad that you all enjoyed this so much. I know the energy from you all will help me get moving.

Anonymous said...

It really gets interesting when you notice Patterns of Thinking outside of the schoolhouse. (Could it be some strange cult???) The great thing about Patterns of Thinking is that I feel it has changed how I think about thinking and how I view my world/reality. Happy thinking!

Jules said...

What a great post! I work with Derek and Laura back in ithaca, and it's awesome to hear stories of inspired teachers. I have "School of Rock" moments around Derek all the time, too funny!