Friday, April 23, 2010

Queens of Gossip

I would argue that the best gossipers are teachers, and the best environment for gossip is a school. We are quick, efficient, and excited to spread news. We rule at this. The school is made up of hallways filled with doors, with new ears behind each one. If the next person isn't in their room, you can grab them in the hall.

Some exciting gossip was made known this afternoon and I am not lying when I say it spread like wildfire, or it spread like a great game of telephone, through the entire school.

The gossip is good, like "guess who kissed who" kind of stuff, so I can smile as I type this.


organized chaos said...

love that we felt the need to blog about this!

btw- I'm memeing you- what's your real teaching resume?

Snippety Gibbet said...

ACK!!!!!!!!!!! I was out of the building on Friday afternoon! What did I miss???????????????

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