Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food for Thought and/or Reality Check

A few of us were recently presented with the possibility that access to our blogs from school might be blocked. Turns out, most other schools in our county are. We are the lucky ones (intentional or unintentional, no one is sure). What this brief panic attack, then reality check provided me with was forced reflection on my reflections. Are you following me here?

I've always been honest about the purpose of this blog. It's my therapy. It's my forum to spill my guts about the good, the bad, and the ugly for others to read and say, "yeah, me too lady, me too."

Along the way, some really wonderful things have also happened. I've asked for and received fabulous ideas for lessons. I've shared class projects and received amazing feedback. I've shared feelings about problems or struggles and cyber-colleagues have responded with support and understanding. I've been able to go back and read previous posts and reflect on an issue. Has it improved? Has my perception of it changed? Should it change?

Upon reflection of my reflecting I have concluded that yes, my blog is a good thing. But, with anything in life, there is room for improvement. I'm not interested in changing the purpose of my blog... I need this outlet, I DESPERATELY NEED IT, but I plan to refine it. Will I still share the good, the bad, and the ugly? Heck yeah, but I will also strive to find more purpose in those posts. Some will hopefully be funny, some might be sad, but I want to eliminate those complaining-without-a-purpose posts. Like this one or this one.

I want to do more of posts like this one, this one, and this one. Posts with purpose. And don't think I won't share the bad... a sad woe-is-me post still has a purpose. If I am feeling blue and decide to post about it, I am clearly looking for someone else to empathize, sympathize, relate, or just say "it'll be okay."

And yes... (eye-roll) there will still be "toilet posts." This is kindergarten after all.

So... onward.

I'd like us to raise a glass (preferably filled with a favorite beverage) and toast to blogging! May our blogging freedom continue!


Jan said...

This post reminded me that I meant to tell you I copied the shadow idea and the whole activity was a big hit. The kids were really interested in learning about shadows and everybody in the school commented on our hall display. We even had a group visiting from other early childhood centers and they took pictures of it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Our network is locked down and filtered so tight, that everytime I go onto the internet to show my kids something, I scream. EVERYTHING is filtered or blocked. Just about all pictures, NO videos, no email access accept the district account, no blogs, no nothing. There are teachers at my school who pay for wireless internet out of their own pocket, to have the access to teach. That's stupid. But I'm pricing it myself. I have a SmartBoard in my room and we use it-a LOT. We are even blocked from getting to the SmartBoard Teacher's Hub. Treat us like professionals for Pete's sake.