Friday, March 2, 2012

Temporary (for now) Life Change

As I sat down to write this post, I reread my last post. I'm certain myself from then wouldn't have predicted myself now. Boy, I had some exciting ideas! I'm hoping Organized Chaos will carry that torch.

Because I've decided to take a leave of absence to stay home with my boys. Right now it's for one year but I'm not convinced I will return for the 2013-2014 school year. But I'm not convinced I won't either.

Having a second child is So. Completely. Different. than having one. When I was home with my first I became antsy and bored with each passing week of maternity leave.  I suffered through/enjoyed each moment like everyone else, but I knew I needed to get back to the classroom. I had a hard time trying to do everything when I returned to work, but I'm not sure I have considered staying home as an option, or even "if only" option. At the time, my husband made less money, and we needed my paycheck.

Fast forward a few years, my hubs is making more money, I am at home with a 3 month baby and a 3 year old and we are all happy as clams. The 3 year old goes to preschool part-time, spends time with his grandparents on a weekly basis, and I get time with him to explore parks and playgrounds. (Our weather has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!) The laundry gets done, the house stays relatively clean, there are less to-do piles and clutter, and the grocery shopping gets done. Can I just express to you how wonderful it is to grocery shop mid-week? NO ONE IS AT THE STORE. I can't give that up.

In all seriousness, a clean house and a peaceful grocery shop isn't enough to keep me home. It's the entire package. It's our quality of life.  We used to spend our weekends driving from errand to errand, then rushing home to make sure the boy got a good nap. We used to have a rule that we couldn't schedule more than one thing each weekend because it just became too much. We broke that rule all the time and spent many months just plain tired. Now we get to go do things as a family. We are enjoying our life.

I was thinking about all the teachers at our school the other day. I think we have around 30 - 35 classroom teachers give or take. I can count on one hand the number of classroom teachers that have more than one child. I think I can count 4, and one is out on maternity leave with twins and I know she'd rather stay home.

Why is that? We have many more two-kid-moms in non-classroom positions. Less stress? More flexibility? Is our school a typical snap-shot or are we different? Is being a classroom teacher not as family friendly as people assume?

Questions to chew on.

At any rate, this is my farewell post. Thanks for keeping up with the chaos that was my classroom. Best wishes to you all!


luckeyfrog said...

Thanks for the blogging you have done. You have been a great teacher voice to get me thinking, and I will miss your blogging, but I'm happy for you and your family! You sound happy and like you are truly enjoying the life you have. And I'm sure nothing can beat the memories you are making with your kids.

Good luck!

The Science Goddess said...

Best wishes on your new adventures! I will miss your voice here, but hope you will check in with us now and then.

jwg said...

I'll miss you. I was looking forward to reading your adventures when you returned. I do understand your decision though. I was lucky enough to stay home until my youngest was 4 and it was great. Maybe you can spend time scoping out the school where your kids will go and offering them helpful advice so that their program involves things like play. I am sure they would be thrilled!

magpie said...

Don't forget to go on weekend getaways with the family.
I'm sure Org. Chaos will fill the void well, Mrs L's a freak ☺☺☺

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy cow, how did I miss this post?!?!

Good luck in this new chapter of your life. I'll be completely honest - I'm so jealous. I wish I had had that opportunity when my son was young. Enjoy the heck out of those babies! Before you know it, they're in college (like mine!) and you're trying to figure out where the time went. :(

Snippety Gibbet said...

I read this days ago, but was too sad to comment at the time. I guess I still am. = (